Why I use Open Source

  • Because I can modify the source code as I want.
  • Because I do not have to accept things like DRM. (Why DRM is bad, anyway DRM is dead)
  • Because I do not have to wait for updates from the company that produced the software. In Open Source software anyone can update the software.
  • Because I do not want a monopolistic company setting my software price with market segmentation (market segmentation is used in most Microsoft products).
  • Because I do not like proprietary software reinventing the wheel every day. Proprietary software lacks collaboration so it duplicates lots of unnecessary work.
  • Because I like standards and good implementations of them. See for example OpenOffice.org OpenDocument in contrast with suspiciously fasttracked OOXML that just seems like the ISO has been bought by Microsoft and is not independent anymore.
  • Because I can do things that can not be done with proprietary software. (Like DRM)
  • Because free software ends up being better than the proprietary counterpart.

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