Nokia N80 vs Sharp GX15

Here is a list of differences I have found between my new Nokia N80 and my old Sharp GX15:
  • Nokia N80 feels slower than the Sharp GX15 mainly because the N80 has Symbian OS and the Sharp GX15 does not have a multitasking OS.
  • Sharp GX15 UI is better designed for usability than the Nokia. For example, to use the Nokia S60 calculator you have to hit more keys and is more difficult to use than the Sharp GX calculator where common operators are in the navigation pad unlike Nokia S60 where you have to navigate to the operator and then select it. Also the calendar has a usability problem because you have to type dates using the numeric keypad unlike the Sharp GX where you navigate the monthly view when selecting a date thus making it much more difficult to select, for example, Monday in two weeks, in the Nokia.
  • Sharp GX15 is an older model so it has less functionality and memory but it was a really good deal when I bought it. Nokia N80 also delivers really good value for the money.
Overall both phones are really good for the money but Nokia should look more at usability. It is great that Nokia is working to bring Linux to its products with Maemo but it still has a long way to go unlike Google Android.

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