Why Microsoft is doomed to fail

Microsoft tried to compete with Android and iOS with the Windows Phone/Mobile operating system, but failed, because they cannot compete if they do not offer a better more innovative product. If Microsoft wants to compete with Android they need to release Windows Phone/Mobile as open source, otherwise they will be doomed to fail again. By failing, Microsoft certified that they are incompetent or that monopolies are not easy to overturn, either way is bad for Microsoft.

Microsoft search (aka bing) is unable to compete with Google. Microsoft tried to push their Internet search web three times with different brands but failed every time. So, why they keep trying? I think they try to show that powerful applications can run using their software but they demonstrate that they can not.

Microsoft business model of changing file formats to force users to buy upgraded products is probably not going to work in the future, so they will have a hard time being competitive in an open ecosystem.

Microsoft seems to be trying to bring back their failed Windows RT with the new name Windows Cloud. Microsoft will fail again.

Microsoft really needs to start recruiting better developers, better designers and start listening to the users requests.

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